Friday, August 16, 2013

CC: Days Three and Four

Wednesday adventure:  Alligator Farm in St. Augustine. 

They have improved this attractions over the years.  It is more like a zoo now and they have a zip line you can rider over the alligators.  Erin and Andrew made many visits here with school field trips and our family summer adventures.

 Cousins snugglin'

  Get that gator Poppa before it eats our grands!

 Are those shirts adorable or what?

 Ryan says "What ya doing HattieJo?"

This is Gomek (stuffed).  This large salt water croc was alive and the main attraction when Erin and Andrew were young.  New new main attraction is Maximo also a huge salt water croc.  At Tyler's request we stayed and watched them feed Maximo.  Good call Ty we all enjoyed it!

Wednesday night was Dylan's turn for a slumber party.

 Playing angry birds after bath time.

Fourth of July
That morning we went to the parade in Middleburg.  Lots of loud sirens, motorcyles, and horses.

 Waiting for the parade to begin.

"Littles" standing as the flag goes by.

 HattieJo learning to blow a bubble with gum.  She is the "princess" among all these boys and they love being her knight in shining armor.

  Tyler life lesson learned at the parade.  "If you smile and wave they give you candy!"

That afternoon Mike and Erin had a cookout with lots of family and more cousins!  They played in the red-neck pool and on the slip-n-slide.

  Caden and Dylan

One tough little boy.

 Just a swingin'

 Lined up for balloon fun

Yes HattieJo there is such a thing as girl cousins!

Between rain showers MRC gave us a great fireworks show!

Tyler's turn to spend the night.

  Settling down with a bedtime story.
On Friday we travelled to Savannah GA and had lunch at Chik-fil-a so the cousins could play together a little longer.  Then Poppa and HattieJo headed to North Carolina (boo hoo)

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