Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Last summer the bigs decided they wanted green necklaces for the YMCA pool.  The green necklace comes at a high price...you have to be able to swim the length of the pool without touching the bottom or sides.  The swim has to be mostly above water on your stomach.  At the end of the swim you have to tread water for a full minute then climb out of the pool, jump in, and swim back to the edge again.   Along with the green necklace comes access to all areas of the pool as well as the big twisty slide.  There are no exceptions to the rules, if you don't have the green you don't get to go in the deep end or slide even if your parents are with you.  They took the green test once each last summer and almost passed but not quite and we never made it back for them to try again.  During our first swim at the Y for this season Dylan jumped right in and passed the test with no problem.  He was so excited and we were too.  We just assumed Tyler would also pass easily...but...he got tired about 3/4 of way through the swim and bobbed down to the bottom and bounced back up which earned him the yellow.  He was obviously not happy and there definitely were tears but we were proud that he shook of his disappointment and we were still able to enjoy some pool time that morning.  He practiced a little more that day then spent a few hours swimming for fun at Grandpap's house that week and by the next Saturday he felt ready to try again.  We tried our best to prepare him for the possibility that he could end up with yellow again but he was determined and excited so he never even put on the yellow necklace, just got a lifeguard and went straight for the test and he passed!!!!! He was so excited! He spent the next two hours swimming and sliding and sliding and swimming and enjoyed it so much more because he had a sense of pride and accomplishment in meeting his goal.  So far Ryan has chosen to wear red and stay with me but he swam so well in the ocean yesterday now he thinks he might want to test for a yellow necklace.  Mama sees a little freedom in my future and I like it! 

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