Sunday, April 14, 2013


I've worked in the same store with many of the same customers since I came back to work after maternity leave 6 years ago.  I worked through my pregnancy with Ryan so many of my customers have literally known about Ryan since before he was born.   I shop there, often with the kids,  and Mike brings them in regularly to visit me and shop while I'm working.  Most of our regular customers know the boys or at least know about them so they ask about them.  I love it but I must hear "How are the boys?" a million times each shift.  If I have time and a recent antic I will gladly share it but if we are busy or I just don't have any appropriate funnies on the tip of my tongue my typical response is "they are rotten." That terminology apparently does not translate well for non-native English speakers though.  An Indian lady stopped me in the store recently and said "I hear people say how are your boys and you always say they stink hahahaha" She was laughing so hard.  I didn't bother to correct her because ...well...they are boys and they do kinda stink.  But when I say they are rotten this is much more what I mean:

It's become a Christmas Eve morning tradition that Gigi and Poppa have breakfast and gifts at her house for the Collins 5.  Mike had to work this year so we had to carry on (in our pjs) without him 

We posed for pictures, ate breakfast, and opened more presents than any of us knew what to do with 

This is the kind of rotten I'm talking about.,,SPOILED rotten.  Huge stacks of presents and huge piles of paper and  huge smiles on every face in the room

Even the animals got spoiled a little bit for Christmas

We had our annual Christmas Eve dinner at my house and Christmas morning the boys were spoiled rotten all over again.  This time by Santa Claus...Santa must have been on pinterest this year because he made a wrapping paper curtain outside of the boys bedroom door, which was a huge hit!!! 

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