Friday, February 15, 2013

Happy Birthday Bigs!

Instead of a party for the bigs' sixth birthday they chose a weekend get away at Legoland! We've been wanting to go down there since it opened and it was well worth the trip.  We had a blast.  It's the PERFECT theme park for kids (especially boys I think) from probably 4-10 years old.  It is completely geared towards this age group and although the park is not huge we spent two full days there and still didn't see/do everything because the boys were so entertained by everything we did get to do.  

Many of the lines for rides have a Lego table in the middle so the kids can play while the adults wait in line.  See? I told you, Lego play instead of standing still in a line? Right up our alley! 

This poinsettia man was friendly and not creepy at all unlike the plant people at some other theme parks.

The boys were completely enthralled with the roaming jugglers...and I think the feeling was mutual.  These guys talked and played with the boys for quite a while. 

This lion roared when you put your head in... irresistible and hilarious to the 6 year old crowd. 

There were animals, Batman,  and Star Wars paraphernalia around every corner.   

An area of Christmas trees where the kids could make and hang ornaments, and they show 3d lego movies through out the day.

The bigs got birthday buttons from guest services when we first arrived and all the employees we encountered all weekend made a point to call them by name and say Happy Birthday.  They loved the extra attention.    

We found another set of jugglers at the beginning of day 2 and again the jugglers and the boys were mutually enthralled.  One juggler asked if the boys were twins and Ryan answered "yes, we are." Sometimes I think he really doesn't know that he isn't their triplet.  

Poppa got in trouble on the carousel for not wearing his seatbelt...we loved the safari and boat rides. 

The kids all rode the dragon coaster and Ryan would have gotten on every single ride in the place if he had been tall enough.  He loves coasters. His brothers not so much, but they spent forever in the nerf ball net building thing where they could gather up balls and shoot them.  

We loved looking at all the Lego city models and the shows were great.  Legoland is located where the old Cypress Gardens was and I love that they've incorporated a good bit of Cypress Gardens history into the park.  There are Lego belles near the gardens and they have a Lego pirate ski show that was awesome.  They still have the spinning ride that goes up high over the park.  It took some coaxing (bribery, whatever) to get the bigs on but they loved it once we were up.  

We loved the fire safety show and the boys and men drove their rescue vehicles to put out a building fire too.  We saw the big Lego Christmas tree and they had "snow falls" several times through out the days.  

The boys all got their Legoland driver licenses before we started the long trek back home.  

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