Friday, January 11, 2013

Memory Control

If I could control what was stored in my kids memories...if I could just open their little brains like a filing cabinet and insert and delete files as I saw fit I would put this one somewhere easily accessible.  Even just looking at these pictures brings a huge smile to my face.  I love to see my kids running and playing outside, and all five of the cousins bursting with joy and energy and smiles.  I hope that they will remember family times like this and how much fun it can be to be together.  I pray that these shared memories with cousins of time at their grandparent's house will be the foundation for close relationships as they grow.   This fall Andrew, Anna, HattieJo, and AP came for a visit and watching these kids play together at their Gigi and Poppa's house loudly and with reckless abandon was absolutely precious.  They were animals on safari and Anna and I were the official safari photographers.  Have you ever seen a cuter pride of lions or herd of red wolves?

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