Thursday, January 10, 2013

Field Trip!!!!

I was so excited to be able to go on the bigs' first field trip with them!!! It was kind of short notice but Pamie was willing and able to take Ryan for the day so I could go.  Me and the boys were all buzzing with excitement that morning.  The bigs were a little nervous of the unknown and had lots and lots and lots of questions about what would happen.  I usually try to prepare them for new events and explain exactly what it will be like but since this was my first kindergarten field trip in the last twenty something years I had to give a lot of "we'll have to wait and see".  They rolled with it though and we had a great time on the bus and  at the Pumpkin Patch.  

We followed Spookley the square pumpkin through a really cool corn maze, saw (and smelled) some chickens, pigs, and a donkey named JACK (hahahahahahahah!).  We had a picnic for lunch and the kids got to bounce on a huge "corn popper"   (I might have taken a bounce or two too).  They played with their friends in a sandbox full of dried corn, slid down a fast slide, and enjoyed a hay ride through a sun flower field.   
Viola's Voles 2012

I had made arrangements with the teachers for the boys to  both stay with me.  I assumed since they had begged me to go with them that's what they would want.  I forget sometimes, though, that as time goes on and these boys grow up they are also becoming more independent.  Dylan wanted to be with his friends.  The plan had been for Dylan and I to join Tyler's class so we could all be together but Dylan opted to stay with his  class instead.  Tyler and I joined him for the hay ride and I split lunch time between the two classes.  I was with Tyler's class while everyone was putting their lunch in the cooler and made sure that his lunch and drinks got in the appropriate places but Dylan's lunch didn't make it to the cooler.  He was such a trooper though, He ate most of my sandwich (after we scraped off the melted pepper jack cheese)  and granola bar and the other kids shared apple slices and chips with him too.  

Pounds Puppies 2012

Besides preschool and church a few hours every week I don't very often leave Ryan anywhere or with anyone. I just don't usually need to and I if I do it's usually with my Mom, Dad, or Mike.  I am so so blessed to have my aunts who are willing to take him occasionally when I do have something I need to do with the bigs though.  Patsy and Pamie have both kept him for me before and it's so awesome to see him so excited to get some one on one with the aunts.  It also makes it so much easier for me to give Dylan and Tyler my full attention when I know that Ryan is safe and happy.  Pamie took him shopping and let him pick a pumpkin and some snacks for himself and the brothers and took him to see Nemo.  This was a couple of months ago and the other day he asked me with a huge grin "Mom member when I went to see Nemo and ate popcorn and you didn't go with me and Daddy didn't either?"   To him his date with Pamie was not just her watching him as a favor to me, it was a special day where he made had a little break from the brothers and a little independence from Mommy and Daddy .  He made sweet memories and had Pamie's attention all to himself and was spoiled rotten...everyone needs that every once in a while! 

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