Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sunday Dinners

We went through various stages and types of Sunday Dinner (which is really lunch) when I was growing up.  My favorites were the lunch around the dining room table where we would all sit down together and eat phase and the out to lunch with other families from church phase.  I have great memories of both and am excited that my boys already have a strong Sunday dinner tradition.  

When the bigs were babies we would go out to eat after church with my parents.  The boys would sit at the end of the table at Longhorn  in their car seats on top of an upside down high chair and usually snooze through the whole thing.  As they got older eating out became more challenging and our lunches moved home .  We almost always still have lunch with Gigi and Poppa, usually take out at my house.  

When the seasons started to change ( according to the calendar, but not quite yet the weather) we ate lunch at Gigi and Poppas.  Gigi cooked lunch then we "helped" her decorate her house and yard for the fall.  

I know they could have done the decorating much more quickly and easily without our "help" , but I love that we got to participate!!

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